Palenque, a book edited by Carocci

This 2022, along with my mentor and colleague Davide Domenici, we published a book on Palenque. It is edited by the italian Carocci and it is part of its Quality Paperback collection.

Along with other books on archaeological sites, Palenque forms part of a series called «I luoghi dell’archeologia» (the places of archaeology).

In the book we describe the site of Palenque, its re-discovery, its history, its urban form and environment, its neighborhoods and the way the ancient mayas shaped the plateau where the city is built with ingenious infrastructural and architectural solutions. We also talk about how Palenque become a contemporary popular icon, mainly after the discovery of the tumb of Pakal within the Temple of the Inscriptions. The book finishes with the description of the site today, how to visit it and what it is visible, along with a brief description of the museum. We also touch the relationship between the maya communities and the site.

In October 2022, the book has been presented at the archaeology annual fair Firenze TourismA, along with other volumes of the same collections.

We hope that the publishing in italian of a book on this important Classic Maya city will constitute not only a good read for the general public, students and achaeology enthusiasts, but also a bridge to explore other archaeological realities.

It is also possible to see an interview to the authors (in italian), here.

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